10 Facts about CNC machines every designer needs to know

CNC Machines

If you have a flare for design, you need to know about CNC machines! If your expertise is furniture, kitchens, interiors, boat building, decorative pieces, art and sculpture, signage…or a multitude of other fields, we can help!

So as a designer, what can a CNC machine do for you
  1. It can be programmed to produce almost any shape
  2. The CNC operating software is very powerful, it can turn your hand drawn sketch into reality
  3. A CNC machine is highly accurate
  4. Given a run of components, every one will be identical, its flawless repeatability!
  5. It can machine, wood, plastics, and non ferrous metals, so you have great flexibility in design
  6. As your design evolves, changes are really quick and easy
  7. Results are fast, so its a great way of prototyping
  8. The CNC operating software can interface with many design packages, so use the tool you’re familiar with
  9. It can produce pieces that fit in your hand, or need a big truck to shift!
  10. Its quicker, better, faster, cheaper than making it by hand!

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