At Suffolk CNC we’re very flexible, and we love to help our customers achieve.

We have our own in house design team, who work with industry standard design tools and files, to programme our CNC machines to deliver. Whether you already have a proven design in a standard file format, or need help taking an idea or concept through to reality, we love to help. With many years of experience in CNC machining and manufacture, we can advise on the best methods and materials to manufacture your item. We’re just as happy producing specialist one-off pieces, as we are delivering a production run of multiple pieces.

Whatever your need, call us, and let us explore how Suffolk CNC can help you.

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Edge Banding

Our edgebanding machines give a further professional touch to your end product.

Spray finished products

 We can deliver your individual components, or assemble and spray finish your finished product.

Van & Camper Van Linings

We can cut complex linings for your custom van interior simply and efficiently.